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10 Best: The Call to Action

Each woman interviewed is asked to give action steps for any career path. We've had unique, thoughtful, creative and innovative answers from everybody, so we took the time to create a compilation of the 10 best here:

10. Education is key. Be proactive in getting the education and training you want. Nobody will give it to you if you don’t seek it out for yourself. Priya - Roadmap to a Veterinarian

9. Surround yourself with people who are already doing what you want to do. I call them “expanders”. Find as many as you can. Lori - Roadmap to an Advocate

8. Figure out what lights you up inside and do that. They say it doesn’t feel like work when you love it. I agree about 50% with that - it’s still work but it’s work you love doing. Karen - Roadmap to a Vacation and Wellness Village

7. You should always have a positive outlook on life, take a chance on opportunities you are afforded and don't be afraid to network. Martha - Roadmap to Immigration Office Director

6. Get exposure to different people and cultures. Everyone communicates differently so don’t be scared to be in any certain community. Chrishon - Roadmap to a Negociant

5. Be authentic. Live from the inside out and not the other way around. Don’t look around to figure out what you should do. Just do the next thing that feels right (and good). Julia - Roadmap to an Influencer

4. Learn how to have honest conversations without fear of not being liked. Practice those skills. Have conversations that deepen relationships. This is critical to being an effective leader. Adrienne - Roadmap to Collegiate Coaching

3. Take your time and get a clear understanding of where you want to end up. Whatever and whoever you’re around effects where you end up. Surround yourself with good teachers, friends and company on the roads you travel. Toni - Roadmap to a Mortician

2. Make decisions. Your life is a series of decisions that you make every day, so try not to look at any of them as a mistake. Every decision is a step on the journey. Stick it out until you can make the next decision and move on. Sherry - Roadmap to Owning a Summer Camp

1. Pay attention to who the influencers are in your field and put yourself in their line of sight. Melanie - Roadmap to College President

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